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Welcome to Fetiart! There is a girl who loves Pantyhose Encasement. She wraps herself in this second layer of skin almost 24 hours a day. When she wakes up in the morning, she lazily lies in bed for a while before getting up to freshen up. Still with the Pantyhose Encasement, she changes into her Buruma and goes for a morning run in the outdoor garden downstairs, as usual. After the run, she returns to her room and, of course, completes the last step of awakening her body through stretches. As the sun slowly rises, the girl in the full-body pantyhose changes directly into her school uniform and heads out for her school day... After school, she returns home exhausted, takes a bath and changes into another set of Pantyhose Encasement, then lazily lies back on her bed and plays with her phone until she falls asleep. This is a typical day in the life of the girl. If you like it, don't miss out. ※ Please note that the video does not fully include live conversations.
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